How’d ya survive the storm of pain when the thing in starts to unravel; and a wry and an extort of a pen to be put by and aside. Then you’d rather count time by limits of numerosity; that if that’s only possible. Ya’d think unlimitedly it’s possible. But what’s possible near the line neat of swiftly pen ink shots. A throb of a heart thence and a limit starts to condense. Be it a limit of shots. Though you’d never know a shot of what. Then that’s possibly a question finally has risen from things where’s no limits. A rain today, hey, else a remark I’d rather lay in here for the sake of living in a day out of days of set limits berskerness and my depression. Else, I’d rather never shoot a star laid on Earth neither come near to such a thinking. Proves much what I’ve said though, I live in miser. And afterall, what else could be the array of light to be hope raying a day to live on and for. Yet, that’s only a day in the future portrait. Yet, how come I thought of such. So, in heaviness of arms lethal pounds a destruction of; and of destruction a new set path of light arrays afterwards do may be lay. So, am I lacking the strength for or the strength has been destroyed by my withhold of depression every long day. So, perhaps I could survive the land I’m in right now but where’s the go at, and Oh I almost forgot I has no insight in the brain so tomorrow is ruled over by my pen and the threshold of my body against intense depression case I have for life. So if only tomorrow I’d see life, I’d survive today. Oh and what’s today. I guess it’s a spending of another life interim that seems creepy and odd of a place and a settle for a human; can’t think of anything else to say to explain my situation but I guess I’ve arrived to a conclusion of no concluding conclusion. Because I got wrapped up and around by my own pen to conclude that I’ve lived a life ever since birth with depression; and yet, how come never have I realized that, that living alive and knowing that I’m alive, yet where was the light, in and around ? So how to livid alive when I’m dead ? How’d ya conclude that a jerk is a jerk ? And I guess it’s been cleared out a conclusion from the beginning to the end, I really do have a case of the most devastating type of depression there is, and it’s a psychotic depression, and I am psychotically depressed and demented.

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