Upon a name do lame exacts at the same, upon a name. Then be it lame swifts bits charters around the world. That which you haveth swifts backwards and up upon a name. Do the exact lay the same. As described as well as aforementioned. Before time what times a time in nature, world or existence. I feel a bit reluctant. To guess the unknown as known. To rebound a bound lane upon the unknown. Do I take stairs upwards to arise and unravel the mystery of sheerness or existence. What limits in set limits of existence. That be which to say the following. The following is what follows a piece of writ upon its existence. The following follows a write type of up and below, and writes the path then to seed an existence upon a wide lane like trees or flowers or even the mildest unknown existence of a something of water made. Such that it has existence and is existential through the presence of water upon its existence. What intricates realms, intertwines such things with each other, why and why ? Then why and why ? And I guess then if ya think it’s a good plot for sureness which to be, to be and be, then it’s another form of something which wills its existence, why Oh, water.

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