Why people suffer, I gotta ask. There’s something deep inside a heart of mine that shines things intertwine. When things dull be, I reminisce on memories cold. So as to bring me short. So as to limit me soft. Nimble like a small rock, I test the dark then because the small hurts my heart to release the different which is me strong. I have a rebellious heart, a stubborn head and a knife next to me. I’d like softness like tree roots but they hold a tree strong. How come I’m loose as a string but a soldier I am. Though that’s what I don’t know. What about the possibility that I’m of death in it’s cause. To die roast open in halves like a devil and an angel. Yet, then I ask again why people have to suffer ? Makes no sense to play the game of losing. I guess I have an instinctive nature to continue an affirm head straight to go. Many has witnessed my superiority though none do know me. I’m cold as ice inside but outside I’m rolling like a thunderstorm. Miserable times say make you stronger till you defy all odds and weaken soft, swing back and fall hard. Anyway, these diaries of mine shine in my eyes outwards but none to people who read it for they understand it none. Maybe few do, but the remainers will remain understanding. I like to write afterall, much maybe too. But I’m getting too awkward in writing to write the awkward and to be the best in writing there is. That’s intertwining. What about, why do people suffer…..

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