Wisdom upon a speech, do survive yours today and every day. Happy jotted upon an ink, today must be happy why not ? What might stop you from living livid a day. You may wonder right now. But tomorrow’s day is yet another. What could happen tomorrow ? Nobody knows the answer to that ultimatum question. But nothing comes by chance, know that. Days of our lives a spending of no chance. Such that tomorrow might come, but not to say subliminally. As we all are knowing. A thing upon Earth, our lives. So as today, it’s a day. Yet do you realize that. Such that what could and couldn’t be done all in one day, today. Writers that write; a day’s precious yet few do actually realize that. Today leads to tomorrow. A spending is that, you spend. Nothing comes by chance. Deeds upon your Earth, a spending is that; bad or good. Tomorrow’s bad, don’t care ? You will for tomorrow will be even badder than yesterday to you. And, tomorrow’s good, I do care. Walks of human lives lies in our hearts. To walk, you have got to, to lose or to win, you’ll choose. A bad, a sin or a good, a glad; or whatever comes forth; choose wisely in each minute that comes by your hands. For it’s you who chooses tomorrow’s day and today. Have a realization now for good’s sake so as to say: shall you then see no evil in any term. A sight or insight. All in our heads. You be or don’t be; alive, or dead, out of life, you’ll still be though you might not feel a thing nor know a thing after evil. Take care to live more, how ? by and near Goodness, yours survival to breathe and livid a heart.

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