Real we once used to be. All in all, things end and yet i gotta say, hey, see it was a nice story put to the edge. Our moon and our all other subliminal things. That is, things what be. All things intrinsic and all things extrinsic. Yet, things still to this day be. One wondered how come a tree breaks in half from a shot of lightening but not that on a mankind, no he doesnt die from a shot of lightening. Then an image in my brain do enlight in. And again thence, i say whilst shouting, what things be and do be. Perhaps im living inside my life wandering about. Perhaps im just waiting for the king to come and enlight me herein to therein. What wonder is a thing as such as listening to other things. Such that they do vibrate in. Such that this is an appease to my heart in. Yet to heart this piece of writ, no hath i not come to understand such a writing. Of things peace appeasing my mights in. And whats a thing in, a piece upon pieces that adorn each other to illuminate a Sun upon dayings to survive in this Earth of a thing and a true wonder is what it be.

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