The ram and the lame thence a place for it, in the heart, a takedown of one in sky above to the mere ground. That’s a sound off limits of a strong hound when he’s bound in a cage not to be released. A cage thence comes to be his place. Where at space of such a place that is, that, he plays down dug under a ground for a place be it. Then he remorse if he sounds to his self a drown of misery upon a loss, the caging cage. What off limits then do surround. He may hurt himself to escape the bound to be unbound like a bird flying in the open sky. That’s his portrayal of defeat all deep in his heart. He carries though to be released throughout his mind to be free for freedom in such a black hole at heart hurts the harms of being weak amongst the other opponent when he defeats you, and as such a defeat. You drown in self then soak in overwhelm and dry your shy face for maybe the coming days be better than the lasts. A throne is this chap boy at battalion of others for reach of his own golden dream. Upon his eyes, tears and melodies of spent life a rush to the inner passion, a fun like a child as always, and a love to his compassion, his basketball number one player of all time. Although it sounds dead illusionary but yet here he goes once more for another defeat; cares not if he wins or not this time around…..

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