The Morning

Morning and a day for spending. A second for a reckon, then he reckons. Such things mad, evil and vindictive. Then delves in. This is a mad portrait of himself by himself. Upon the air that he sees there and that it is, only there. Would one reckon and perhaps guess then, he’s a mess. […]

Look Up To The Sky

Upon a name do this battle reigns. Upon his name, a supreme ordeal is here and there. Everywhere he goes he steals a show but put up a small dull mimicking. That is because of his temperament and weak heart. A thing like pose when he poses. A thing like soft crush of a heart […]

Just A King

Devastation from a beast. He storm suppose he’s ill to the least reckoned by him, which are these: a bewilder upon amuse of them gamers nowadays. In town, he remorses over frown to get numbered one in town. The limit he attains is a crash of lazy lines upon a glass when it waves. Then […]


The ram and the lame thence a place for it, in the heart, a takedown of one in sky above to the mere ground. That’s a sound off limits of a strong hound when he’s bound in a cage not to be released. A cage thence comes to be his place. Where at space of […]

Have A Heart

Wisdom upon a speech, do survive yours today and every day. Happy jotted upon an ink, today must be happy why not ? What might stop you from living livid a day. You may wonder right now. But tomorrow’s day is yet another. What could happen tomorrow ? Nobody knows the answer to that ultimatum […]

No Game

Sheets of nonsense. What sense ? They accumulate by wisdom of choice from separation to form. Though, you got to know a rule before you fall, some foresee and some take risks. Riskiness is a term of pure luck, to omit the existence of a probability. Foreseeing is a wise judgement upon, taking the account […]

These Days

These Days Days are a bunch of days interim the other. Which the other being other days, yet. Yet, those days pass linearly through our eyes without us having any reckoning of them, such days… As such, this is the day, when I started my first reckoning. A nascence it is and like a baby […]


That there are many coupling businesses that seemingly seem to be reproducing each and every day, though remains of them a couple of businesses. A thanks is to the mainstream industry or our social norms nowadays, that every individualistic dream is a true nightmare to others. Thus, society is important. And thus, social business is […]

Our Business

Our Business   Considerate ways of surviving amongst pools of vulgar fish; a delve beneath the seas, further than what they can hardly see. As beneath, a layer of gradualism might revolve established. As to seed in and dine feed your mouth through your teeth, you need to eat. Eat other smaller fish than you. […]

How to construct the beautiful business

First off, many might think of a wonderful website in their heads as practically workable; in which a website possesses great manifestations yet regards not the content needed or the pure, sole purpose of making your website existential. It must be evident in the first place, in your head, that a great website will never […]