Our Business

Considerate ways of surviving amongst pools of vulgar fish; a delve beneath the seas, further than what they can hardly see. As beneath, a layer of gradualism might revolve established. As to seed in and dine feed your mouth through your teeth, you need to eat. Eat other smaller fish than you. As in a […]

How’d Ya Rather Survive A Depression

How’d ya survive the storm of pain when the thing in starts to unravel; and a wry and an extort of a pen to be put by and aside. Then you’d rather count time by limits of numerosity; that if that’s only possible. Ya’d think unlimitedly it’s possible. But what’s possible near the line neat […]

Maybe A Lovely Meeting

Please count off my evil deeds been spent with you. For that’s real, a thing bittersweet left amid chaos and chaotic things. So chaotic I was, chaos was the reality, yet it did only feel amazing, the gesture I spawned at you, out of evil and miserable things, and yeah I took it all on […]

Dear Diary

That’s what’s conjuring. Upon needy space, there laid, lies one’s space of parts in Earth. There laid, a countless count, 1, 2, 3, and perhaps the sheep and a wolf never out space be outspaced. There lies he dead, onerous obtains of things out of musty Earth, dirt and leaves the spring, sprung and span […]

Why Oh Water

Upon a name do lame exacts at the same, upon a name. Then be it lame swifts bits charters around the world. That which you haveth swifts backwards and up upon a name. Do the exact lay the same. As described as well as aforementioned. Before time what times a time in nature, world or […]

Pitch Black Dark

Branded new. For you. Maybe this from a day turns around, and hey, it turns on you. Who might else it be. Rock and a glue, on the rock, and what faints ? Solid as steel a heart is. Brandish gift for you to use. What differenciates you from else. Rather it be a great […]

Bits and Pieces, the Note

The paper and the pen. The things which pretend. To be an element thing and a thing. Things of wonder be in here. There, might you get an elapse of time shutters like seconds, minutes and hours. They, see, leave a brain hurt like churned. Out of vocals, I’ll run today global. To say I’m […]


The right type of technicality is a necessity in every industry. In such industry, as the internet and its profiting, technical support of each website might be in position for the right type of profiting. In order to profit increasingly or maintain a good profit margin, websites are coming up with new designs or themes […]


Websites In essence, websites create a great ordeal of humanity in piece of which; an information source. Or maybe in different others; such as a way of living nowadays. Like that, and more often, do we find ourselves in need for an informational source for today’s living. Because today’s living might sound harsh to some […]

Small-Shop E-Commerce Strategy

E-Commerce or E-business is becoming ubiquitous. It has its advantages. First, it gives customers an option to browse through several products with the click of a mouse and second, owners can easily expand their business and reach a bigger audience. E-commerce provides you the ability to reach a global audience. But what if you own […]