Rapture and a vision. A disgrace of thing and a revolt of something to be. A space be in between. As to sing some rhythms obsolete. Then reunion cause a fleet. Dispersal the thing in is, in the heart to feel. Such a thing is and only is vital to murder me. To shatter things luxurious upon only an eyeball that see. Things what be. And what be things, and a thing. And a thing to jot out of arms and beneath vessels wrestling. That to jot what I see. And all what I see. Is none more than only a vision to speech and then to a giving of things murderous be and a thing, and a thing. How’s one day in water is water, and water, what be water. Can I guess a thing onerous be but not one does it be. If it’s one a thing that I can guess, I should’ve wrote it from the beginning to the end. But hath I not, a onerous thing I structured it and be it, I wrote it thus. Why would I not. And why would I do. How come one thinks not at all of such small things, such that in limits of easiness lies something in between and much smaller. Here, I’d rather be appreciative to the Lord for putting things, rather not say for putting things within and without things for everything. Besides what could be worse and what could be better. It’s all in all, another human who wrote his writ. For what for, and for. I aim at heavens but not that one which is on Earth. Be it in heaven. And be it then in the life after. So, I wrote and I wrote, at all, I wanted to say hey Lord, I know, and thank you dear Lord for the things and everything.

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