Morning and a day for spending. A second for a reckon, then he reckons. Such things mad, evil and vindictive. Then delves in. This is a mad portrait of himself by himself. Upon the air that he sees there and that it is, only there. Would one reckon and perhaps guess then, he’s a mess. Of things he spent in days crossing, he remains an ill mental kid. That of which, defiance when he defies as always. Scorns the way of odd, challenges authority often and leads a sure way to corruption. He’s an evil one but of a kid’s days of spending, he remains a story of ill to tell to the whole world. Only if this kid knows his specialty indeed then he will learn to be happy and probably thank other people for if they helped him. He is a latent gifted kid that just can’t be discovered because of his diseases. That of which, you might think he’s an angry and a bad tempered one. Though only if you knew what’s inside him. A different image from the very that which you see upon him. A different world lies all in him and a different self he has kept for years inside him. What a blessing is he. So I guess after all of this, there’s a lesson to us to teach. Please never judge others based entirely on what you see of them in a minute, for who knows, you’ll never know what they stood for in that matter of a minute.

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